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"The best visuals I have seen for years"
-- Raja Ram

"The best video thing I have ever seen"
-- Dave 'Inside-Us-All'

"Id seen Saucereyes do some great stuff with an four channel radio controller for model aircraft wipes and fades on an mx twelve the crowd were passing it around!!! perfect."  --'Lovegroover' "...they came highly recommended... now we have seen there work...and it blew us away...high resolution, highly complex, highly psychedelic and highly full on...these guys will make your eyes spin round...truly psyco-active!!" --Mark Inside Us All

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OZORA Festival with Extra Dimensional Space Agency

This summer we went to Ozora Festival with the Extra Dimensional Space Agency, here is our story:

sheep at dadpusztasky at ozora festival

We arrived at the pristine valley of Dadpuszta 2 weeks in advance of the festival opening. We had met with our team interpreter Julie at Budapest airport and together enjoyed a pleasant journey through Hungary by train to the site, where we joined Richie, Dawn, and the crew who had travelled with them. This was our first time camping as a family and it certainly was a challenge from the start, as we arrived late in the evening, pitching our tent in the dark while being eaten alive by mosquitos. In the morning we got our first look at our temporary home. Dadpuszta is surely one of the most beautiful festival locations, filled with amazing plants and animals, enclosed enough to feel cosy but open enough to experience the constantly changing sky.

crew working in the barn at ozoraelectrical team at work at ozora

zumik at work at ozorariggin in the cherry pickers at ozora

Work quickly started on installing the main dance floor. All the decor elements were put together on site before finally being installed in the dance area. Some of the crew set to cutting, glueing and tying together the parts for the platonic solids. Our electrical crew made all the cables for signal and power distribution to length while our riggers were up in the cherrypickers day and night in both blistering heat and gale-force downpours, installing power, led modules and eventually the stretch. Lumenshroom oversaw the preparation of the led modules for each element of the decor and configuring them before installing each chain and testing each was working correctly. My job was to create new video artwork incorporating one of the main decor elements.

ozora sewing teamFirst look at carins one of carins angels

crystals on grid at ozorabjorn finishing crystal grid

Soon we were joined by Mima our head seamstress and Richie's family which made our team feel like a proper tribe. Work began on the final cutting and tabbing of the strech pieces and with the arrival of Carin from South Africa and Matt and Rufus the rest of our rigging crew, our team was complete. Carin had brought with her some treasures: 12 magnificent hand painted 'angels' each with its own unique design, and a shoebox full of magickal crystals. These crystals were chosen by South African Victoria Iavelova to create a Crystal Grid which would be the centre piece of the installation with the intention of bringing angelic powers of love and healing to all those present. The Grid itself had been built by our gorgeous Team Tyrol in a forested austrian valley and coated with gold leaf. I am a crystal lover and it was a great pleasure to help place the crystals on the grid and take part in its creation.

placing icosohedron ozora decor at sunsetbuilding ozora decor at night

rigging petals on ozora decoropening night at ozora before the crowd

The 12 angels that Carin created are some of her finest work and had an incredible presence once installed. Each was given its own light matrix behind its centre with another beautiful crystal in the middle of each matrix. It was these angels I was attempting to recreate in video. As the noise and dust of the barn made it difficult to concentrate I had set up a little tent and run 2 long extension cables to it. The heat was almost unbearable and my computer couldn't handle it, crashing after every second action, but I made slow progress. After a few days of heat we were hit by cool stormy weather, and I ended up working in the barn anyway. The children were constantly covered in mud and everything got damp or soaked including our moods. Nevertheless work continued and as our time began to ran out, the installation started to come together. Before the riggers could complete the stretch the top-most part of the design had to be placed: an enormous icosohedron complete with hexmods and orgonite centre was to go at the very top of the central tree.  It took both cherry pickers and a major balancing act to get the icosohedron positioned and aligned. Once that was done the remaining stretches and petals could be installed.

It was quite a shock when the festival traders started to arrive and we no longer had the valley to ourselves, with quite a bit of work left to complete on the installation. I was able to complete two new animations of one of Carins angels as well as render a couple of projects I had in waiting. We were on schedule ot get everything installed and working on time until, just as the first act arrived to soundcheck, a massive thunderstorm hit the site. There were a few minutes of panic backstage as the wind tossed the decor around and fabric started to tear. Fortunately the damage was not severe and once the soundcheck was over the team managed to do some repairs before we had to stop.

storm blowing decor at ozora

Backstage we could feel the anticipation and excitement as people surged forward onto the dancefloor. We couldn't resist going up on stage to look at everyone now inside our creation. As we sat on the stage edge, there was some confusion in the front row and one guy asked how come we got to sit on the stage. When I explained that we were responsible for the decor we got a huge cheer and many compliments from those nearest. At last it was time for the show to start and we left the stage to another cheer. It felt like a big privilige to be backstage for Shpongle, although the sound balance is not as good, standing by Joe Russo was incredible, Joe must be one of the finest drummers in the world right now and listening to him drum 'Shpongolese Spoken Here' was simply stunning.

edsa meets ozora crowdshpongle in concert at Ozora Festival

Sadly at the end of Shpongle's set my parental responsibilities took me back to our camp. I missed quite a bit of the festival between looking after the little ones and wandering to and from the excellent vegan food stall near the chill-out stage. I did manage to catch Ott - who was wonderful of course - and Union Jack, an old favourite, and lots of great music while having no idea who was on most of the time. My kids and I had a great time looking at all the wonderful people and their styles and fashions, having fun and playing like children. I spoke to many people who all said the mainstage decor was "awesome".

ozora dancefloor at nightozora dancfloor at day

ozora decor multicolour ledsozora dancefloor fully lit at night

Each night new elements of decor and lighting were introduced on the dance floor building up to the finale, when it would at last be my turn to present my work. Our wonderful fabrics team had designed and created for me a fabulous dress from the same silvery stretch as the decor petals and I felt a little like I had just materialised out of the dancefloor. First there was Younger Brother, with music from their soon to be released album 'Vaccine', and we kept the visuals low-key to keep the emphasis on the band. Next up Prometheus took over with more typical Twisted tunes from his forthcoming album 'Spike', with Pumpui on projections with some great images of crop circles, ancient places and nature. At last as Dick Trevor got into his set it was time for some Saucereyes magic. Starting off with one of our old favourites, we built up our mix and it wasn't long before I was laughing to myself at how beautiful it looked, while feeling somewhat nervous as Inside-Us-All were sat on the bench behind me, laughing their heads off.

the pixel addictsozora dancefloor final night

Turned out they were laughing for the same reason I was, and later Dave Green gave Lumenshroom and Richie many compliments saying "that was the best video thing I have ever seen". Meanwhile Richie was doing something amazing with the lighting rig, making it rain little lights that seemed to explode with each musical climax. Our visuals and Trevor's music fit together with every mix and the new material looked incredible, complementing and echoing the dancefloor perfectly.
Dawn came all too soon but with it came my opportunity to see the crowd, many with huge wide eyes after what they had experienced....saucereyesed!

It was time for the last acts to play out, and with great pride and happiness we brought our children down into the circle we had all made for the final dance.

We thank the OZORA Extradimensional Space Agents: (in no particular order ;))
Rochelle & Carla

for your incredible work and friendship, we can't wait to have the opportunity to work and play with you all again.

ozora sunset at dadpuszta

Photos by Sam and Matt.

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