VJ Lumenshroom and VJane Zumik are Saucereyes, creators of psychoactive video art and light shows.
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Psychoactive Video Art


"The best visuals I have seen for years"
-- Raja Ram

"The best video thing I have ever seen"
-- Dave 'Inside-Us-All'

"Id seen Saucereyes do some great stuff with an four channel radio controller for model aircraft wipes and fades on an mx twelve the crowd were passing it around!!! perfect."  --'Lovegroover' "...they came highly recommended... now we have seen there work...and it blew us away...high resolution, highly complex, highly psychedelic and highly full on...these guys will make your eyes spin round...truly psyco-active!!" --Mark Inside Us All

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OZORA Festival with Extra Dimensional Space Agency

This summer we went to Ozora Festival with the Extra Dimensional Space Agency, here is our story:

sheep at dadpusztasky at ozora festival

We arrived at the pristine valley of Dadpuszta 2 weeks in advance of the festival opening. We had met with our team interpreter Julie at Budapest airport and together enjoyed a pleasant journey through Hungary by train to the site, where we joined Richie, Dawn, and the crew who had travelled with them. This was our first time camping as a family and it certainly was a challenge from the start, as we arrived late in the evening, pitching our tent in the dark while being eaten alive by mosquitos. In the morning we got our first look at our temporary home. Dadpuszta is surely one of the most beautiful festival locations, filled with amazing plants and animals, enclosed enough to feel cosy but open enough to

Read more: OZORA Festival with Extra Dimensional Space Agency

Order Hexmods NOW

We are now taking orders for HEXMOD LED Lighting Modules.

HEXMODS LED Lighting Modules are now in stock and there are limited numbers available!

This revolutionary LED modular lighting unit is fully DMX controllable and chaining.


Ideal for permanent and temporary installations in clubs, at festivals and even in your own home, your hexmods will give you a new and unique control over the look and feel of your space or stage.
These flexible units can be situated inside your decor and as a unique lighting effect in any configuration.
As seen at major clubs, events and festivals throughout 2008, 2009 and into 2010:

Glade Festival
OZORA Festival
Electric Picnic Festival
Glade Stage @Glastonbury Festival
Origin Festival
Shpongle @ Roundhouse
and more...


Contact us to make your order now:



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