VJ Lumenshroom and VJane Zumik are Saucereyes, creators of psychoactive video art and light shows.
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Psychoactive Video Art


"The best visuals I have seen for years"
-- Raja Ram

"The best video thing I have ever seen"
-- Dave 'Inside-Us-All'

"Id seen Saucereyes do some great stuff with an four channel radio controller for model aircraft wipes and fades on an mx twelve the crowd were passing it around!!! perfect."  --'Lovegroover' "...they came highly recommended... now we have seen there work...and it blew us away...high resolution, highly complex, highly psychedelic and highly full on...these guys will make your eyes spin round...truly psyco-active!!" --Mark Inside Us All

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Glade Review

Despite last-minute delays, arriving onsite with no kit, getting soaked and general chaos, the LED modules got built and installed on both the Origin Stage and the Inspiral Chill. We think they looked fantastic and we're told they were 'wicked sick!'....

At the Origin Stage Fluffy Mafia were in charge of the decor and IADWM Production Lighting were in charge of the light show. Extra Dimensional Space Agency and Saucereyes installed LED modules inside 60 mushroom shaped pods arranged around the stage area and on four masts around the dance area. IADWM did an amazing show each night building up the intensity to a multicolour mushroom max.

The Inspiral Chill was decod by Liquid Faeries lovely stretchy fabric which shows off the oilwheels and projections so beautifully. Outside the entrance Extra Dimensional Space Agency and Saucereyes placed six columns of light and six columns with light at the base and Lumenshroom was in control of these. The pillars pulsated along with the beat perfectly complementing the superb sounds of the Inspiral Stage. We were deeply disappointed that Lumenshroom did not have our vj kit along with him this year, we would have loved to shown some of our new material, but it was not to be. 

HUGE thanks and big hugs to all the team especially Global Village for letting Lumenshroom sleep in their car!!

Pictures eventually.....

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