VJ Lumenshroom and VJane Zumik are Saucereyes, creators of psychoactive video art and light shows.
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Psychoactive Video Art


"The best visuals I have seen for years"
-- Raja Ram

"The best video thing I have ever seen"
-- Dave 'Inside-Us-All'

"Id seen Saucereyes do some great stuff with an four channel radio controller for model aircraft wipes and fades on an mx twelve the crowd were passing it around!!! perfect."  --'Lovegroover' "...they came highly recommended... now we have seen there work...and it blew us away...high resolution, highly complex, highly psychedelic and highly full on...these guys will make your eyes spin round...truly psyco-active!!" --Mark Inside Us All

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End 2003...

NEW NEW NEW Preview of Live Mini DVD single Space Melon (512kbs Windows Media Video only).

It's too dam hot here to do much right now, apart from write :-). We've been making a SHROOM farm, click on the 'shrooms below if you would like to know more.

Lots of things to tell, in time, we are at last ready to present "BENDYVISION The Odyssey", in a weekly series of stills leading up to the main Journey. We will be starting our Journey in Lumenshroom and Zumik's special psychedelic waiting room.

04/OCTOBER/2003  from superb psychedelic entertainment with special guests PRODIGAL SUN **LIVE PA** Look out for our new set, and added interactivity :-) and a new lighting surprise!

03/05/2003 from even more superb psychedelic entertainment with special guest DJ Shane Gobi. Madmansam and Satan whipped the crowd up into a frenzy before Shane got his hands on the decks and gave us a taste of South African style! We used the Alchemy Records logo and our special DJ toasting which showcased the set very nicely, and of course the remote control came out for the first time at a Digital Blasphemy, to the delight of all. Once again the friendly, up for it atmosphere made this a really happening night.

08/03/2003 at The Black Swan, Newcastle. A live and interactive set with Prognosis. We were very happy to be able to bring our work to the North East, and boy were they happy to see us too! As usual we worked up the pace slowly and kept the best for Prognosis's set, which got the whole place rocking. The crowd were transfixed by the visuals, so we brought out the remote control mixer which amazed everyone who had a go at mixing on the big screen for themselves. Special thanks to Greame for looking after us.

01/03/2003 from superb psychedelic entertainment with special guests DJ KUMA and Mumbo Jumbo. Mumbo Jumbo's funky sounds were thoroughly enhanced by our grooooooooovy visuals and the addition of plenty of fresh shroomies, which gave a distinctly wobbly messyness to the night's madness, while DJ Kuma got everyone going mental. What a totally up for it crowd! Thanks for all the great comments from everyone who tranced out watching the screen.

:- Wow, they really went all out this time, decor was brilliant especially the strings of blue and purple lights. The event was sold out the week before and everyone was in by ten thirty, completely up for a mental party. Our fireplace projection made the room warm and inviting while everyone arrived but it wasn't long before we had to bring on the full beat-driven mix as the music got incredibly funky. At midnight everybody went mad, Nemesis were better than ever and the visuals crystallized to the music. We won't be forgetting this new years eve in a hurry!

:- Digital Blasphemy seems to draw plenty of new faces each month and this was no exception, with a number of people who looked like they would usually have gone to one of the house clubs! However they received an excellent education in the unsubtleties of full on hard trance techno and psychoactive video art. DB impresses with its friendly happy vibe where everyone just wants to have a good time and dance all night and thats exactly what they do!

:- Partylicious was a different class of party where there's a childrens sleeping area, drinks are ristricted to the bar, and smoking is banned in the entire building! We really appreciated the lack of smoke on the dancefloor and absence of broken glasses. The chillout area had two lovely blank white breezeblock walls on which our slides looked great, and the tall ceiling in the main room gave plenty of space for our video projections. There was also a storytelling room and a cafe so the night was a bit like a mini-festival. Cool.

:- For their second party in Plymouth the Organik crew gathered the best dj's they could find. The dancefloor had stretchy lycra above it which looked great with a couple of groovy slides projected onto it and the big white inflatable star was even better. Organik drew a small but dedicated crowd that really appreciated our show, thanks to everyone who complimented us.

Its always a pleasure to work with Portugal's premier organisers and promotors and this occasion was certainly no exception. Once again a beautiful location by a lake, Goodmood provided everything you could want at a party including stalls, food, bar, relaxing chillout area and of course a huge marquee superbly decorated in which nearly two thousand people partied all night and most of the following day. All the music was excellent, especially Migas's 4hour set comprised entirely of Portuguese trance music. We finally have got our remote control mixer working and tried it out on a few amazed partygoers, who, once they realised they could control what was happening on the screens, were immediately hooked. Audience participation was a great success and will feature regularly in our shows from now on. The place and atmosphere gave us both a high and the inspiration for a particularly good performance which we thoroughly enjoyed doing. Especial thanks to Shane Gobi for sending Alchemy Record's Logo and Dark Soho's album cover for us to project, and of course to Goodmood for being generous and gracious hosts.

:- Organik have moved from Legends to the far more entertaining venue of Club123, with far better potential for projections. Our little fleet of slide projectors did a particularly good job on the inflatable star, while we introduced two new graphics into our performance, much to the delight of the regular Organik crowd. we're looking forward to coming back in a month's time.

The Altered State:- The debut of nemesis records weekly chillout drew a small but happy crowd of hippies and students,the playstation went down a treat as did the bowls of grapes and peanuts. The projected beach looked great and added a tropical feel to the relaxed atmosphere. We'll definately be developing this theme and we also have a few other atmospheric ideas. Next week there'll be chocolate covered raisins as well as more laid back grooves to massage your mind; what else would you want to do on a Thursday evening?

Once again Digital Blasphemy at Tramps was an absolute corker. Lots of people, excellent music, cool decor, quality production. 4 layer DVD mixing is a LOT of fun ;-) Look out for the review in November's Mixmag!


We had enormous fun at BOOM2000 and were delighted to be invited back again this year. In a glorious new location, BOOM's organisers again created a hippy wonderland, catering for bodies, minds, and souls with the loving attention to detail that gives this festival its brilliant vibe, along with the thousands of sunsoaked trippers blissing out in the lake. All the music was excellent, especially Sally Doolally's set which sent shivers up the spine, but we were dissappointed when Eat Static were prevented from playing by a violent thunderstorm. Despite some setbacks, we did our video show on the night of the full moon alongside HuxFlux and Dj Phillip, who was superb. With all our material at last on DVD and a 4 layer mix, our visuals pulsated hypnotically and vividly to the rhythm of the music, even we were absolutely gobsmacked. A big thankyou to everyone who complimented us afterwards - your positive feedback has been really inspiring and encouraging. We hope we'll be seeing you all again very soon.

With a packed venue Digital Blasphemy blew everyone into outer space. Their new material just gets better and the visuals weren't half bad either, Lumenshroom putting on a particularly fine performance. Now a regular monthly event Digital Blasphemy is fast becoming the place to go in Plymouth.

A surprise change of venue and date for Digital Blasphemy led to a slightly smaller crowd than usual but there were plenty of new faces who were amazed and delighted by our visuals. The first Saturday of every month will be a permanent fixture from 3rd August so watch out!

The move to Friday has done a world of good for Digital Blasphemy and made the perfect start to a havin' it weekend. We entertained all with a set that just seems to get better every time.

Oh what a wonderful time we had at Warleigh Mansion House party. In the grounds Nemesis records and guests rocked people sensless. We performed one of our tightest sets yet, a truly psycho-active video lightshow.

Once again at Digital Blasphemy, Greg, Sam, Lumenshroom, Zumik and Friends entertained with a multi-sensual array of suitably psychotropic gadgetry and artistry. This was a truly amazing audio visual experience, that has to be totally indulged in to be believed. Soon to move to the second Friday of each month with increased capacity.

Yippee, Last Night ay we helped Kundalini celebrate their 5th birthday, and Wow, what a lot of fun with Andy Mason, Lucas, Raja Ram AND Logic Bomb's Album launch; A totally enjoyable night where there was so much a party atmosphere everywhere in this new London venue. We hope to work again with those funny party people again on 17/May/2002

A brilliant night of bouncy frolics at the 2nd Human Being bought to you by the people at the Depot, Bristol. Dandelion, Bob and the legendary Frank-E did indeed provide an amazing adventure in melodic psychogenesis. We were honoured to perform a structured psycho-active set, almost magically hidden in amongst the wonderful decor from K.G.B. visuals (thanks for your help Keeef), early in the night, and to have it to leap out and grab many people totally by surprise, later :o)

Another wobbly night of interesting musical variances. Sadly this seems to be the last one as the Koyote guys are off Partying in Mexico....Lucky B*&&$t&s.

A new and very interesting Trance night in Plymouth, an offering from the newly formed NEMESIS records. A wonderful FULL Audio/Visual PsyTrance experience provided by LIVE PA Digital Blasphemy, LIVE DJ SAM, LIVE Visuals Saucereyes. This experience in multi-artist jamming, was received well, and we look forward to making new and interesting audio-visual psy-performance.

Once again we were invited to assist the World Wide Wobblyiness arranged in conjunction with Koyote records at Legends nightclub. Very woobly night with an accent on much fun! Expect to experience our visuals at the next World Wide Wobbles on 1st March.

Hello, and a very happily fribbly new year to all, first you should notice that we have moved to www.saucereyes.com; this is so that at last we will be able to offer streaming visuals. Look out for our first video stream late January. The beats are mixed up by a new member of the collective;- DJ Sam. A totally new live audio-visual experience is HERE.

As for the 3D site, apologies for it's late arrival, it is still being worked on. InsideOut Vision has also progressed at an almost done, but not quite kind of ready rate, please expect those delights early spring.
Must of course point out that the most wonderful party ever, has re-ignited it's blue touch paper, and is running fast; Nov. 30 2001 saw the Plexus invite all to a 'Human Being' and Being is something we did a lot! More Plexus on March 8th.
Oh, and those loverly peeps from records invited us to join and Entropeyes the visual dearangements at their Xmas and New Year's World Wide Wobbles in Plymouth; These were two lovely and very bouncy parties were much dancing (and bananas) were to be had by all.

After quite some break over the early summer, we are newly inspired to re-create the role of projections at Parties. Look out soon for the "Perspective Vortex" animations :- Insideout Vision ! Also the 3D site will be implemented for your entertainment and elucidation. We hope to bring you some more demos, and, at last, some streaming visuals.

Hidden away in a Devon valley, Eyedelic productions snuck in a full on psychedelic trance party. We projected across a little stream whose ripples reflected the light. Wow what a load of fun can be had by a bunch of Hippies in the forest with a soundsytem, and video projector. In the early morning we walked up to the moorland and found our first magic mushrooms of the year!

After quite some break over the early summer, we are newly inspired to re-create the role of projections at Parties. Look out soon for the "Perspective Vortex" animations :- Insideout Vision ! Also the 3D site will be implemented for your entertainment and elucidation. We hope to bring you some more demos, and, at last, some streaming visuals.

Afrika is a fantastically beautiful continent, and Zambia is a fantastically beautiful country, and we couldn't think of a better reason to visit than a PARTY. A party to celebrate a TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN no less! Zumik's account of our Afrikan adventure may be found here.

Eyedelic productions presented an evening of superb psykodelic bleeps, complemented by their vast menagerie of liquid drops and exotic art. In a venue packed with multicoloured happy people, Oculum's first live set had everyone bouncing around manically with grins to match. Eyedelic will continue to move and groove at many other places during the coming months, we will see you there.

New Video Clip, available for download in the gallery; Things are hotting up!
Also we have a new eye-bending visualisation technique, Escher doesn't get a look in with this, watch this space.

Page now in xhtml 1.0. OK with IE5.5,NTSCP6,OP5. Netscape 4.7 shortly, WAP and iTV a little after.

A lot of work has happened in the last month, new material will be available for your enjoyment very soon, with streaming video available from live gigs for those with High Bandwidth.
We are producing a Trance Visuals DVD, details will follow.
Cosmetic changes to the website prior to major upgrade in early April, towards WAP, XML compatability, and other surprises.

World engine for interactive 3D environment completed: can now support large numbers of independent creatures, all MIDI compatible ;-) will eventually support 3D web streaming.

Our first sample video clip is up and running, to view, go to Gallery and right click on the democlip.avi link, and save to your hard-drive. Please note this file will NOT stream directly into Windows Media Player. It is an .avi MPEG-4 video/MP3 audio codec. Please contact us if you have problems. We are aware of the large file size, any more crunching and you will not see the full impact.

New web page, i.e. this one up and running. Compatible with I.E.5.5, and Netscape.6.0; Opera 5.0 is navigable a.t.m. but the animgifs are not working well.

Much fun and forest frolicking at the BOOM Festival. We incorporated new and delightful material into our show and were very pleased with the results, we hope many of you enjoyed it too. We had a loverly time in what was the hottest week in Portugal that summer with all you happy trippy party people.

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